• Creating the future

    Entrepreneurs For Sustainability

  • eqlosion is a startup and project factory focusing on sustainability

    Our mission is to create a sustainable future

    Our tool is entrepreneurship

    Our work is to transform ideas into sustainable activities

  • What we do for companies

    We help developing their business sustainably

    Grow your business

    ... and prepare the future

    Imagine the future, identify challenges and trends, and select the best ideas

    Develop new services and products

    ... and address current and new markets

    Market assessment, prototyping, value proposition and business model

    From the idea to the business

    ... we build them with and for you

    Project management and implementation: feasibility study, pilot project, product development, market launch, sales and client relationship, growth, empowerment

  • What we do for public entities

    We help developing services to answer sustainable challenges

    Anticipate challenges

    ... and prepare the future

    Assess current trends and coming environmental and societal challenges

    Develop new services

    ... and address citizens needs

    Assess public entities, citizens and stakeholders expectations

    From the idea to the activity

    ...we build them for you or help co-creating them

    Project management and implementation: idea generation, feasibility study, pilot project, launch, development, empowerment

  • What we do for universities and institutes of technology

    We help valorizing the invention and the know-how they generate

    Impact society

    ...and build the future

    Help SMEs, large companies and public authorities being more efficient, sustainable and competitive

    Increase know-how transfer

    ...and address stakeholders expectations

    Generate solutions by valorizing R&D and know-how generated by your organisation

    From the R&D project to the market

    ...we facilitate the transfer process and startups creation

    Identification of R&D, know-how, project lead, financing support to valorize the know-how created by your organisation and transfer it to the market and public sector

  • Who We Are

    We are a team of dedicated entrepreneurs, passionate about creating new companies and developing new activities, with a focus on sustainability.

    Christelle Giraud

    Christelle worked 14 years in the private banking sector in Switzerland, Greece and Singapore. In 2014 she decided to use her skills in the field of sustainability.

    Dedicated and enthusiastic, she is a result-oriented person. Passionate about innovative and sustainable ideas, she is the founder of the marketplace Popnfix and the co-founder of Impulsions+

    Yves Loerincik

    Physicist and PhD in Life Cycle Assessment, Yves is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability, Yves is the co-founder and was the CEO of Quantis from 2005 to 2013, one of the international leading firm in Life Cycle Assessment and environmental footprinting. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of sustainability and entrepreneurship.

    Kathleen Duclos

    With over 7 years of diversified experience in the public health sectors, in 2018 Kathleen decided to use her skills in the field of environmental sustainability and preservation. Optimistic and dynamic with both scientific and managerial skill sets she knows how to bring together multiple stakeholders and identify needs in order to suggest innovative but also realistic solutions for projects.

  • Partners and experts

    Meet some of the external experts we are working with

    Anne Mandron

    Curious and dynamic, Anne feels at ease in moving environment where everything needs to be done. Her main driver is meaningful projects with societal or environmental impacts. More than 10 years of experience around the world as Project Manager and Business Developer -water, energy and environmental sectors.

  • Our Strengths

    Strong experienced leaders, highly connected


    Dedicated to results

    Crazy entrepreneurs, we love to lead the full process of the development of an idea into a sustainable business. We know it requires a good amount of energy, passion and a strong motivation to build something and the capability to take some risks.


    More than 30 years

    We have created and led companies and projects in the field of sustainability, growing from no activity to more than 100 employees. We have a deep understanding of the market of sustainability and have been active in the entrepreneurship ecosystem for years.


    Strong network

    We have a network of expert in various fields, such as clients, investors, partners, academics, inventors, experts, public authorities, NGOs as well as international organisations. Our network is both at the national and international level.


    We have no limits

    We are a bunch of creative and innovative people with various background. We aren't afraid to generate crazy but relevant and achievable ideas. We love exploring new directions, following trends and anticipating where markets are going.

  • Connect With Us

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